Here is a collection of images that represent a wide cross section
of my work , some commissioned, some personal. Iíve presented here a selection of works from the last thirty plus years that I feel give you a good indication of my style and background. Some of the work represented was created on a one to two hour budget, while others may have taken forty hours or more in the making.


Hot Rods are a way of life around here
with the studio always competing for space with car parts.
So its only natural that a few hot rods and
other pieces of car culture should end up in print.



Pin up art has always been a favourite subject of mine.
You'll find pinups here that I painted in the seventies
displayed right next to a pinup girl I painted last week.


I enjoy a wide range of work, from the light hearted illustration to the very serious. I am equally at home working with traditional techniques as well as with computer. The method and style for a commission is decided by the requirements of both client and the theme of image required


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