Ideas, Plans and Dreaming

This is the page where you get to see a little of what's happening behind the scenes. I'll try to keep you up to speed with things even those that don't make it into the store. Maybe some of the one off commissions that my clients don't mind sharing.

Our range of badges, brooches, necklaces and pendants will be always available in the store

Post cards, greeting cards and prints will be a regular item

We have limited stocks of "T" shirts, so we'll list what we have.

Decorative acrylic mirrors, keep an eye on this range. There's plenty of ideas and new designs shaping up here. 

Surfer girl - an evolving idea. As you can see, I've sculpted the original master, made the mould and have cast the first examples. This first version I've painted in natural skin tones and an have mounted to a hand shaped native Rimu surfboard, finished in clear laquer. All very labour intensive and may lift the price of the finished item more than I want. There's a bit more thinking to do here. Maybe she will end up being a very limited supply item or I'll make them as one off pieces each with its own colouring and finish. Time will tell.



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